Game Drives | Baloon Flights | Camp Fire | Nature Walks | Masai Village

Day and Evening Game drives: Done in an open vehicle, as well as birding and walking excursions, are all part of the Elangata Olerai experience. Community guiding offers the unique insights into the local habitat for which we are famous.

Wildlife and Game Viewing excursions into the Maasai Mara Game Reserve are the most fantastic events that linger in you memories forever!At this point you get to see unique species, some of which come around in the evenings to within hailing distance.

Balloon Safaris: From the comfort and safety of an air balloon you truly experience adventure aloft, viewing among many other wonders, some of the estimated 500 lions that prowl the Mara from a low altitude and speed that no other aircraft can provide.

Cultural Safaris:  For guests interested in the diverse culture of the peoples around the camp. One is able to see pre-historic sites from early man to modern day Kenya and get a taste of the ancient Maasai culture and activities.